During his 10-year presidency of the World Bank Group, James Wolfensohn sought to bring a more equitable approach to the world banking system while fighting global poverty.

He made a name for himself as a determined reformer and expanded development efforts to include civil society around the world.

The significant range of initiatives he led at the World Bank is representative of the type of well-rounded life he leads outside of work.

Despite his academic ups and downs as a teenager, Wolfensohn went on to represent his home country, Australia, in the 1956 Olympics in fencing and later
became an accomplished cellist.

He says: "It's not that I'm the brightest or most gifted person in the world, but I've been diligent in trying to set objectives of what I'd like to do." 

From the Middle East to Australia to the US, James Wolfensohn discusses his perspective on global affairs and the inspiration behind his work.

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Source: Al Jazeera