As a successful actor and producer in Bollywood, Anil Kapoor was following a family tradition.

His father and elder brother are both film producers, his younger brother is an actor and his daughter is now also a part of the Kapoor dynasty.

But his award-winning performance in the global hit Slumdog Millionaire raised his profile beyond the borders of his home country making him an international star, something very few within the Indian film industry achieve.

His own life reflects some of the themes of the Oscar-winning movie: he was born in a Mumbai suburb with eight people living together in a single room, in the time before his father's career took off.

Through his father's work he was surrounded by actors and filmmakers and got to escape his neighbourhood and experience the glamorous industry parties.

He set out to become an actor rather than a star, but his career spanning more than four decades has seen him achieve both.

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Source: Al Jazeera