Khan began his career appearing in several television series in the late 1980s [AFP]

He calls himself a "rank outsider" of the Indian film industry and with nothing to lose says he was able to take chances.

Shahrukh Khan's risk-taking in his choice of roles got him noticed first as a TV actor and then in movies and he has become one of India's most successful actors of all time, recognised internationally for his performances.

Known as "King Khan" or S-R-K to his fans he is a master of action and has produced more than 60 films - a prolific record even by Bollywood standards.

Acting was not a path he had planned and he only turned to it when his hopes of becoming a hockey player were ended by injury.

Born to Muslim parents in New Delhi, Khan gained an honours degree in economics and began a masters in mass communication.

After the death of his parents he travelled to Mumbai, the centre of India's film industry.

Thinking he would try out acting for a short while, he told friends he would return home after a year, but after nearly two decades and with dozens of hit movies under his belt, they are still waiting.

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Source: Al Jazeera