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In the world of classical music, there are few names as internationally respected as this Indian-born conductor.

Zubin Mehta is praised for his dynamic interpretations of large scale symphonic works and his style is considered forceful and flamboyant.

Born in Bombay in 1936 into a Parsi family where classical pieces were a part of his daily life, music was in Mehta's blood from birth.

His father, Mehli, was not only an accomplished violinist, but also the founding conductor of the Bombay symphony orchestra – and passed on that musical passion to both, Zubin and his brother Zarin.

Mehta's initial studies in medicine soon gave way to music as, at the age of 18, he went off to study in Vienna – the city where his father enjoyed performing, and where he made his own conducting debut a few years later in 1958.

Mehta went on to become an acclaimed double-bassist and one of the most renowned conductors in the profession, taking on senior positions with top international orchestras as a relatively young man.

Now in his 70s, the passion and energy has not faded, and the multi-award-winning maestro remains one of the greats in the world of classical music.

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Source: Al Jazeera