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This week on One on One, meet the renowned restauranter, Anton Mosimann.

Throughout the 1980s London restaurant scene, he was pushing the standards of high-end cuisine. Bringing together classical European cooking with flavours of the East, he was an early pioneer of culinary fusion – making him one of the most sought after chefs in the world.

Few can boast the clientele he has entertained over the years – even becoming a master chef to Britain's royalty – which earned him awards and recognition including an OBE from the Queen.

Life started out quite humbly for Anton Mosimann, as the only child of Swiss restauranters in the small town of Nidau. It was working with his father and mother that Anton learned his fastidious skills as a restauranter – having developed a passion for cooking at an early age.

By 28 he was the youngest chef to lead the kitchen at the prestigious Dorchester Hotel in London. By 1988, the urge to set up on his own led him to buy an old church and convert it into what is now a landmark for fine food – the exclusive Mosimann’s private members dining club in the heart of London's upmarket Belgravia neighbourhood.

He brought with him years of travel and training at the best restaurants in the East and West – infusing his simple, award-winning style of cooking with unique international flavours.

As he focuses on keeping Mosimann's a unique fine dining experience, Anton's sons Philip and Mark now manage the business with him, having, themselves, studied at top hotels and restaurants in Asia and Europe.

Beyond the corridors of his own establishment, Anton Mosimann remains in huge demand to cook elite private dinners for clients across the world, and still manages to master the elusive art of keeping food simple but special.

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Source: Al Jazeera