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This week on One on One, meet the legendary photographer whose portraits include the glitterati from the worlds of film, music and fashion, including the Rolling Stones, Judy Garland and The Beatles.

Terry O'Neill at heart remains true to his craft of catching the world on film at opportune moments.

It was his ability to portray his subjects - whether they were actors, musicians or politicians -  in an unconventional way that built the reputation of this celebrity photographer.

From early days working as a Fleet Street newspaper photographer, O'Neill quickly grew to be the name the famous wanted wielding the lens for their portraits.

That included the legendary Frank Sinatra, who, O'Neill says, let him see a private side few got to glimpse, revealed somewhat in the book Sintra: Frank and Friendly, released by O'Neill in 2007.

The photographer's long-time relationship and eventual marriage to actress Faye Dunaway turned out to be a rocky one, with them arguing publicly over whether or not their boy, Liam, was his biological son.

In his 2003 collection of portraits under the clear and simple title, Celebrity, O'Neill reveals candidly with his lens why he himself was as much a name as many of the people he photographed.

This episode of One on One aired from Friday, August 15, 2008

Source: Al Jazeera