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This week on One on One, meet the founder of Al-Ghad newspaper, the creative and highly driven young publisher, Mohammed Alayyan.
Building a media empire in the Middle East is something of an achievement, especially for someone only in their 30s, but this energetic entrepreneur created a newspaper business that included the most widely circulated classified papers - then set his heart on television.
With fairly humble family roots tracing back to the town of Hebron, it is in modern Jordan that Mohammed Alayyan made his fortune.

He studied at university in Britain - which took him closer to Manchester United - the football team he fanatically follows, though a knee injury put an end to his hopes of playing soccer professionally himself.
A drive to build companies and create new opportunities is at the centre of Alayyan's philosophy, from when he launched the first classifieds ads papers that grew to dominate the region - to when he launched Jordan's first national lottery game - having won the acceptance of conservative religious leaders opposed to gambling.
Alayyan went on to create one of the country's most popular newspapers - Al-Ghad, before bringing together a top team of journalists to launch Jordan's first independent television channel - ATV.
That met with political resistance as it planned to launch in the summer of 2007 - but that has not stopped one of Amman's youngest entrepreneurs from looking for new ways to make his mark. 


This episode of One on One aired on Saturday, May 3, 2008