Edward de Bono with Pervez Musharraf, the Pakistani
president, in 2003 [EPA]
This week on One on One, meet one of the world's greatest creative thinkers, Edward de Bono.

He was trained as a psychologist and physician - but made himself a household name as the father of 'lateral thinking' - a concept he pioneered.

His dozens of best-selling books have been translated into close to 40 languages - and he travels the globe consulting for governments and big business.
Born in Malta, with degrees from the top universities around the world, this medical man with a radically different approach became a prolific writer on the subject of thinking - including best-sellers such as The Mechanism of the Mind in 1969 and Six Thinking Hats in 1985.
His ability to problem solve a wide range of issues - usually through lateral thinking - has made him something of a guru for top management across the world who seek his advice.
Even though Dr. de Bono jokes about his age - being in his 70s - he still spends most of his time thinking - and teaching other people how to think.

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This episode of One on One aired on Saturday, May 10, 2008
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