Riz Khan with Uri Geller
Riz Khan interviews Israeli-born paranormalist, Uri Geller. Bending spoons with his mind in the early 70s brought him worldwide fame – and skepticism. But he endures as the best-known paranormal practitioner on the planet, with a range of powers that baffle most people.

The term 'spoonbender' does not do justice to the range of powers this entrepreneur and entertainer seems to display, though that is what he is most famous for.

Uri Geller says he first discovered his paranormal abilities as a child being brought up by just his mother. He grew up in Israel, doing his national service in the army and went on to modelling, and performing in Tel Aviv nightclubs. As word of his abilities spread, Geller travelled the world to demonstrate his skills and to be tested by the world's leading scientists who documented their findings in leading journals. The paranormalist also says that in the past he was employed by governments who wanted to try to use his powers for covert operations, while oil companies pay handsomely for his 'dowsing' techniques for locating oil reserves.

Uri Geller still has many detractors and often ends up in legal battles with them for declaring him a fraud, but the mainstream media still regularly feature him and Geller mixes with the powerful and famous from politics to entertainment. Britain became his home and he settled with his wife and two children not far from London. From there he promotes young artists and supports charities for needy children.

This episode of One on One aired from 22nd September 2007 and originally aired on the 23rd March 2007.

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