Riz Khan and Shashi Tharoor
Riz Khan interviews Shashi Tharoor, the UN under-secretary general for communications and public information. India's top diplomat, Tharoor is also an acclaimed author.
This urbane diplomat is widely recognised for his devotion to the UN over the years. He has also been named a Global Leader of Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum.
Born in London, raised in India and living in New York, Shashi Tharoor puts his background to good use on a daily basis by bridging the diverse cultures at the UN.
He started his career with the UN High Commission for Refugees nearly three decades ago before ending up overseeing the monumental task of handling UN communications. An appropriate task, perhaps, considering Tharoor is an accomplished writer, with nine books to his name so far.
He describes his efforts as "leaving smudgy fingerprints on the footnotes of the pages of history".

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This episode of One on One aired from 11 August 2007

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