Mike Wallace with Riz Khan
Riz Khan interviews one of America's leading television journalists, Mike Wallace.

In a career spanning sixty years he has been an interviewer who tells it as it is. Whether interviewing presidents, world leaders or con-men he is never been afraid to ask the tough questions.
Think of the CBS flagship current affairs show, 60 Minutes, and you can not help but think of Mike Wallace. He has been associated with the programme for nearly four decades.

During that time he has interviewed a host of world leaders and newsmakers, landed numerous exclusives, and won all the major awards the industry has to offer.
He adopted a hard hitting 'interrogation' style of questioning for the show, and it became his signature.

In 2006 Mike Wallace announced his retirement from 60 Minutes but said he will continue to do work for the network.
When asked when he will retire fully, he answers "when my toes turn up".

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This episode of One on One aired from 16 June 2007

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