Riz Khan with Mallika Sherawat
Mallika Sherawat has a knack for raising eyebrows wherever she goes.
She does not mind pushing the limits and says she is only being honest in an industry that can be very hypocritical.
In a country where sexuality in movies has traditionally been taboo, she has successfully managed to break the mould.
In 2003 Mallika burst onto the scene with Kahwaish - a movie famous for its 17 kisses; a year later she starred in India's biggest box office hit of 2004, Murder, in which she played a neglected housewife who has an affair.
That sealed her reputation as an actress who believes in pushing the limits of the Bollywood film industry.
She also found herself in demand outside India's borders, appearing in Jackie Chan's The Myth, which led her to the red carpet at Cannes.
With her heart set on going global, Mallika Sherawat makes no apologies about using her sex appeal to get what she wants, though she insists that it still comes down to performing first and foremost as an actress.

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