Riz Khan and Bob Geldof
For more than 20 years Bob Geldof has led a global effort to bring relief to Africa's starving millions; this Irish musician is known for putting his money where his often explicit mouth is.
He was riding Britain's punk wave when he formed the chart-topping Boomtown Rats, a move that put him in the company of the rock star A-list throughout the 1970s and 80s.
What set Bob Geldof apart was his reaction to a news story on Ethiopia's famine in November 1984. 
Geldof saw a television news report on the famine and vowed to do something; he rallied his musician friends to form Band Aid and create the legendary global Live Aid concert. 
It raised more than $100 million for those starving in Africa and its success spawned the American spin-off hit singles Do they know it's Christmas and We are the World.
Following years of campaigning for African debt relief with his friend, Bono, of U2, Geldof revisited the fundraising concept with Live 8 – on the twentieth anniversary of Live Aid.

For his relentless activism the Irish singer has received an honorary knighthood from Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, but his rebellious nature shows no signs of abating.
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