Deepak Chopra with Riz Khan
Riz Khan interviews well-being guru Deepak Chopra. He trained as a doctor, but describes himself as a healer. His many books on alternative medicine and spiritual health are international best sellers translated around the world. Our health is affected by the mind, body and spirit, according to Deepak Chopra, who was born to a family of doctors.

He studied conventional Western medicine in his native India, and then moved to the US aged 23 and proved himself as a successful doctor. But he found himself paying more and more attention to traditional Indian medicine – Ayurveda.

He started incorporating it into his treatments and philosophy of life, giving up smoking, coffee and alcohol for meditation and yoga.

Through dozens of best-selling books, his radio show, lectures and public speaking engagements Chopra has become known and respected around the world. He describes his mission as bridging the technological miracles of the west, with the wisdom of the east.

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This episode of One on One aires from 20 October 2007. (Originally aired 27 April 2007)


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