"I am a music composer and a singer too. I got involved in music since I was young, when I used to listen to rhythms.

Later on, I was involved in more interaction with music, particularly in festivals, clubs, youth and student gatherings. I was engaged in music activities. Thank God, my family encouraged me as they are great musicians too.

Bahrain was known for pearl diving. This career has been accompanied with various styles of arts, including pearl arts and others, such as the Fjari which was usually performed as divers went into the sea to hunt pearls and during the diving process.

Divers have even practiced several types of maritime art while they were on the ship. Even when they came back from diving, they were welcomed with maritime art performances. There were other types of art performed on land when they were out of the pearl diving season.

Bahrain is rich with music. Many styles of music have reached Bahrain, as an island, from all parts of the ocean surrounding Bahrain. We have received various types of Arab and African arts, interacted with them until they have become a part of our heritage.

Bahrain is an open country and full of various styles of music taken from heritage and developed by many artists."

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Source: Al Jazeera