Abu Abdullah, I want to ask you about the Hujeini style. If you want to sing, which are the nicest Hujeini poems, and on what occasions do you recite them? 

When our people used to go to the military, they used to sing Hujeini style as they rode their camels. 

What does the Hujeini style talk about?

It talks about love, praises loved ones or any favourite activity.

How long do Hujeini poems last?

Pretty long. When our people used to go to the military, they did not have cars back then, so they used to chant Hujeini poems all the way. 

Can you give any other examples of Hujeini poems?

One poem talks about feet. If you love anything, your feet go towards it, meaning the heart tells your feet where to go.

If you love someone or something, you chant Hujeini for them. And there are poems if you want to express that you dislike someone.

I have personally written some poems that serve as social advices for all - old and young people.

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Source: Al Jazeera