"I am Lofti Bouchnak, a Tunisian singer and composer. I am a self-taught singer. I didn't study music. I created my own musical path. I hope I have been successful. And I hope I've been true to my audience and to my mission as a singer.

I am honoured to be considered a singer, although I still see myself as continually learning.

I do my best to develop, to encompass all the progress taking place around me, and to reflect the times in which I live.

I try to reflect all this through music taken from the past, adapted to the present and which looks forward to the future.

I've learnt a lot from the maluf style of music [from Andalusia]. It's a huge world of music.

But rather than trying to preserve history, I'm instead trying to create my own style.

Times have changed. These days are different. Also the rhythms have changed as well as their means of expression."

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Source: Al Jazeera