Meltdowns over masks amid coronavirus outbreak go viral

Videos of people having meltdowns when asked to wear masks are going viral on social media amid coronavirus pandemic.

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As several US states continue to report rises in new daily coronavirus cases, videos of people refusing to wear masks have gone viral on social media.

"I'm filing a f***ing class action lawsuit," a shopper in a grocery shop shouted. "You can take your fake f***ing, global terroristic, false flag attack, shove it up your m*********ing a**. You're terrorists!" 

Police said the man was asked to wait outside for assistance after entering a local business without a mask.

He reportedly refused and used profane language before attacking an employee when asked to leave.

In Texas, a woman was recorded throwing items out of a shipping trolley after the manager told her she had to keep her mask on.

As more US states mandate the use of masks and face coverings, more incidents like this seem likely.

This video was produced and edited by Al Jazeera NewsFeed's Hassan Ghani.

Source: Al Jazeera