Chinese man makes own prosthetic limbs

After losing both arms in an accident, this Chinese veteran is making affordable prosthetic limbs for fellow amputees.

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Sun Jifa is a Chinese veteran who has created his own bionic arms and is now helping other amputees in his country.

At age 27, Sun lost his hands in a fishing-related explosion. Unfortunately, he soon realised he could not afford the prosthetic hands recommended by the local hospital.

After eight years of creating prototypes, he says he finally developed a working model that would allow him to grip, hold, and mimic other necessary movements via a system of pulleys and wires.

"Up to now, my artificial limbs are beautiful and can be designed with the help of the disabled person's own motivation," Sun explains.

"They can be used by different disabled people. I have opened an online shop under the advice of others, hoping to help more disabled people."

According to Xinhua news organisation, an estimated 24 million people in China have limb disabilities and would benefit from rehabilitation services and prosthetics development.

This report was produced and edited by Al Jazeera NewsFeed's Natalia Faisal.

Source: Al Jazeera News