On The Listening Post this week: In Mexico, journalists face intimidation and assassinations but is the media business in crisis, too? Plus, how fake news pays for partisan media.

Mexico's Media: Battling impunity

Drug cartels, corrupt officials and a climate of impunity make Mexico the most dangerous place for journalists in the Western hemisphere. After journalist Miroslava Breach became the third reporter to be killed in a month, one newspaper has now stopped printing altogether.

Daniela Pastrana, director, Periodistas de a Pie
Oscar Cantu Murguia, former editor, El Norte
Sandra Patargo, spokeswoman, Article 19
Javier Garza Ramos, former editor, Siglo de Torreon

On our radar:

• The news is off limits for Israel's new public broadcaster as Prime Minister Netanyahu ensures it will not be casting a critical eye on his government.

• Fox News is a turn-off for advertisers as sexual harassment allegations hit the US broadcaster's most popular show.

• A journalist in India faces charges after the army alleges his reporting caused a soldier to commit suicide.

Partisan media and fake newsonomics

When media consumers read the news, they bring their biases with them and new online outlets are feeding them what they want to hear - whether it's real or fake news.

Craig Silverman, media editor, Buzzfeed
Sara Fischer, media reporter, Axios
Brooke Binkowski, managing editor and freelance journalist, Snopes
Matthew Levendusky, associate professor of political science, University of Pennsylvania

Source: Al Jazeera News