On The Listening Post this week: As the French media rally around centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron, how will the far-right Marine Le Pen tweak her media strategy? Plus, Podemos vs the Spanish media.

France votes: The media effect

The far-right Marine Le Pen is within striking distance of the French presidency. Did the French media help get her this far and how do they cover her now?

Scott Sayare, Paris-based journalist
Nadia Henni-Moulai, journalist and founder of MeltingBook
Wallerand de Saint-Just, member, National Front
Daniel Schneidermann, journalist and media analyst

On our radar

• A new constitution, but the same old problems for journalists in Turkey. At least nine arrests since the referendum vote.

• Difficulties of covering Boko Haram; a journalist in Cameroon gets 10 years in jail for alleged collaboration with the armed group.

Ecuador's media regulator fines several news outlets for not publishing a story.

Podemos vs the Spanish media

The left-wing party Podemos may be popular in Spain, but it's no thanks to the media there. We take a look at the party's communications strategy and what it's up against in the Spanish media.

Juan Carlos Monedero, cofounder of Podemos
Enric Marin, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Bieito Rubido, editor-in-chief, ABC
David Alandete, managing editor, El Pais

Source: Al Jazeera