With peace talks bogged down, nearly three million people displaced and a desperate need for humanitarian aid, Yemen is a story that needs to be told.

Now that the Houthis are in power, however, journalists deemed to be their enemy have been threatened into silence. 

The Houthis have also taken over Yemeni state television, while another Saudi-backed Yemeni channel broadcasting out of Riyadh is telling the story from the other side of the conflict.

Journalists still in Yemen reporting from Houthi-held territory are often unable to tell the full story, while programmes debating the issue often lack the means to report what is happening on the ground. Air strikes often occur  live on air, with sets rattling in the aftershock of the impact. 

Furthermore, with takeovers, kidnappings, threats and attacks, Yemeni journalists - and the media narrative - are often caught in a crossfire that doesn't appear to have a logical end in sight. 

Source: Al Jazeera