In Ecuador's polarised media landscape, community media outlets that operate outside the private media space can offer a real alternative to the mainstream. Here are some of them.

The so called "radio schools" have been covering stories outside of Quito in the Chimborazo province ever since 1962. They matter because they give indigenous communities platforms to have their voices heard. They broadcast in Spanish, Kichwa and other indigenous languages.

A series of online sites has emerged from Quito in the past few years offering debate and investigative journalism - often critical of the government. They include Focus, Mil Hojas, Plan V and the Cuatro Pelagatos, which was founded by a group of journalists including Martin Pallares, who contributed to our piece.

They also recently created a satirical tool - a digital app called MashiMachine - which allows President Correa's speeches to be jumbled up so that mischievous users can mess with his message and then share their work on social media. Senor Correa is probably not amused.  

Source: Al Jazeera