The conflict in Sudan's Nuba Mountains has been ongoing for years and is reported to be some of the most gruesome the world has "never heard of". Since 2011, the government in Khartoum has been at war with the Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North and the conflict is taking a heavy toll on the civilian population in a near news blackout.

But a fightback is underway with a team of local reporters determined to get their story out. Citizen journalists on the ground, exiled journalists on the outside and and mobile cinemas across the country have united within news organisation Ayin to tell the real story. The Listening Post's Nic Muirhead investigates. 

Contributors: Joseph Nyetu, Reporter, Ayin; Abdalla Rezig, Journalist, Al Mighar Alsyase; Hajooj Kuka, Independent filmmaker; Hussain Hamdi, government official; Maowad Rasheed -  editor, Sudan Vision.

Source: Al Jazeera