Indian-administered Kashmir is seeing the worst outbreak of violence in six years after the death of separatist leader Burhan Wani at the hands of Indian security forces. Media divisions are rife in this story - not just between Indian and Pakistani media, but between Kashmiri local media and self-appointed nationalist Indian media.

The journalism in a conflict zone does not remain as neutral as it could be in a normal situation.

Peerzada Ashiq, correspondent, The Hindu Newspaper

This is a political battle that has lasted nearly 70 years and the media narratives are more fractured than ever.

Indian security forces enforced a media blackout in Indian-administered Kashmir after Wani's death, cutting off internet access, putting a halt to local newspaper circulation and blocking television channels. Some of these measures are still in effect, with internet services yet to resume for many. 

As different media outlets battle for their own causes with loaded words, many are left confused, disheartened and scared for the future of Kashmir. 

Talking us through the story are: Peerzada Ashiq, Kashmir Correspondent, The Hindu; Syeda Afshana, Media Academic, University of Kashmir; Hilal Mir, Editor, Kashmir Reader; Sudhir Chaudhary, Editor in Chief, Zee News.

Source: Al Jazeera