Beyond the polarised points of view presented in the Colombian media, there is more nuanced journalism available - but you have to look for it online.

La Silla Vacia, "The Empty Chair", is a news and analysis site. The name refers to peace talks that failed back in 1999 when FARC's leader at the time refused to attend, leaving a key chair empty. The site was set up by journalist Juanita Leon, one of the first reporters to expose links between Colombian politicians and paramilitary groups.

Las Dos Orillas, which means "The Two Shores", is an online news site set up in 2013 by Maria Elvira Bonilla, former head of news at RCN. This site tries to decentralise the story since most of the national media in Colombia are Bogota-centric. Las Dos Orillas focuses on news from the two Colombian coastlines and provides a different narrative.

In our piece above, one of our interviewees refers to the absence of the victim's narrative in mainstream coverage of this conflict. One online site concentrating on that angle, as well as peace and reconciliation, is Verdad Abierta, which translates to "Open Truth".

Source: Al Jazeera