Given all the changes in the Venezuelan media - starting at the ownership level and coupled with resignations at outlets under new management - many journalists are working through new digital outlets that offer alternative sources of information.

Efecto Cocuyo - which means Firefly Effect - is a news site set up by Laura Weffer, the former editor at Diario 2001. 

For more in-depth investigative work - there's Poderopedia which publishes briefs and profiles on influential business figures, politicians and military officers. Its founder Cesar Batiz was an investigative journalist at Ultimas Noticias - he digs information out from public records to carry out his work. is a blog run by Andres Canizales - an independent journalist and media scholar who also contributes to - which is worth going to for political news analysis without the polarised coverage you get in the mainstream media.

Source: Al Jazeera