Donald Trump is the best example of someone who is incredibly gifted at getting free media coverage... any time you see a politician pulling off, or trying to pull off, a stunt or make a bold proposal, a lot of the reason behind that is for the media. Every campaign has to chase that free media coverage and the way to do that in America is to feed into the narrative of winning and losing and being exciting.

Hamilton Nolan, Gawker, Deputy Editor

In the United States, the race for the White House is well under way and some news outlets have succumbed to a syndrome known as "horse race journalism".

This is when journalists focus on candidates' polling positions rather than their policies.

This coverage can leave voters uninformed, but for candidates doing well in the polls this can mean a lot of free publicity.

News editors tend to devote more airtime and column inches to whoever the polls say are leading the race.

The Listening Post's Will Yong looks at the use of polls in the US presidential election and what gets lost when outlets put crunching numbers above proper journalism.

Source: Al Jazeera