For more than a decade, the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of northwest Pakistan (FATA) have been dangerous and unstable. It’s such a challenging area to cover that finding alternative news sources is not an easy task.

Wounds of Waziristan is a short documentary that is up on Youtube. You saw the director of the film, Madiha Tahir, in our report (see above). In her film she interviews two survivors of drone strikes about living with the aftermath. Tahir says she is trying to move the debate about drones beyond the "civilians v militants" binary, to get at the lasting affects of the war on civilians.

Tahir is also co-founder of Tanqueed, a magazine of politics and culture. The publication does not focus solely on FATA, but makes an effort to keep the region on the radar.

There is also BBC Pashto and Mashaal Radio, run by Radio Free Europe - both stations broadcast in the Pashto language spoken in northwest Pakistan and across Afghanistan.

Their output is not solely focused on FATA, but given their focus on Pashtun affairs, they do have coverage worth listening to - if you speak the language.

Source: Al Jazeera