We've been liberated from the wrapping that came with conventional broadcast... we can tell the story as we think it's right to be told and I think, sometimes you can tell a story quite concisely.

Mukul Devichand, editor, BBC Trending

Native social media videos are the next evolution in news consumption.

Producers who were once battling with channel flicking are now trying to catch your eye online before you click past. And some news outlets like Al Jazeera's AJ+ , Buzzfeed, and NowThis have so far enjoyed success with their online models.

YouTube has just turned 10 this year but thanks to Facebook's new video strategy and the rising popularity of platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, the audience for videos on social media has grown exponentially and the competition for audience share has grown very fierce.

Short form text on screen and rapid fire visuals feature prominently in the native world, but how much does the quest for instant gratification affect the quality of journalism?

The Listening Post's Paolo Ganino reports on native social news videos and what this new genre says about how we consume news.

Source: Al Jazeera