It's a really good question to ask of mainstream news organisations. Are you too close to your source? The idea being that reporters don't want to rock the boat so much because they kind of rely on those people to give them the information they need to make content.

Brandon Smith, Journalist

When Laquan McDonald, a black teenager, was shot dead by a police officer in October 2014, the police said the officer was acting in self-defence - and for the most part, news outlets covering the story went along with that account.

But a video of the killing filmed on a police dashboard camera has told a different story - that McDonald was shot 16 times as he was walking away.

That video would never have seen the light had a group of journalists, lawyers and activists not filed a lawsuit to get it released.

The Listening Post's Marcela Pizarro tells the story of those who succeeded where Chicago's mainstream media had failed.

Source: Al Jazeera