I don't think we're going to see robots writing the front page of the New York Times... but what I think we'll see is a hybrid approach where robots are writing part of a story and humans are writing part of a story.

Matt Carlson, associate professor, Saint Louis University

You may not have realised it, by some of the stories you have read may have been produced by robots.

Financial reports, sports updates and earthquake alerts are the kinds of stories that are already being produced by algorithms without any human involvement.

One piece of software, Wordsmith, produces thousands of earnings reports every quarter, while the video creation platform, Wochit, means that hundreds of news videos can be generated and uploaded to news websites and social media.

There are obvious upsides for news organisations - more stories, quick turnaround, and fewer people to pay. But what are the downsides for news reporting?

The Listening Post's Meenakshi Ravi reports on the implications of robot journalism.

Source: Al Jazeera