There was a time when the Canadian media were able to resist the influence of big oil money and still do their journalism.

Today, with many media organisations in serious financial trouble, they are more dependent on the revenue stream from the petroleum industry. That leaves Canadians wondering how much of the real story gets reported, and what does not.

If you want to understand Canada's massive oil and gas industry better, there are a couple of alternative news outlets that our contributors recommended.

The National Observer is an online outlet that focuses on energy, politics and the environment. The site was set up by journalist Linda Solomon Wood to provide a counter to the mainstream discourse on oil and the environment. It has an entire section dedicated to reporting on the tar sands.

Next is - a crowd funded podcast and website that has run a number of stories exposing the cosy relationship between the oil industry and the media, as well as many other investigative pieces. Candadaland broke the story of Global TV's decision to drop Bruce Livesey's documentary on the Koch Brothers. Its founder Jesse Brown, says Canadaland now gets stories that a year ago would have gone to the CBC or the Globe & Mail newspaper.

Source: Al Jazeera