Every journalist knows about Twitter - but do they know how to get the very best out of it? Here at The Listening Post, we have picked our top five tools currently on the market to help journalists navigate the Twittersphere more effectively.

In the feature, you saw news editors with Tweetdeck up on their screens. It is a personal dashboard where you can organise and track all your tweets through columns separated into hashtags, searches, categories, lists of people you follow. The idea is to get the tweets you are most interested to flow into your feed, thereby eliminating some of the 'noise'.

We mentioned both Vine and Periscope but just to clarify, Vine is the app that you download in conjunction with Twitter to capture and share six second looping videos. Periscope is Twitter's live-streaming video app which allows you to both watch and broadcast live video from all across the globe. So one minute you could be watching a protest in Bangkok, next minute you could be streaming a press conference from Sao Paolo. And unlike some of its competitors, Periscope saves the live stream for up to 24 hours after the event.

Then there is something called Dataminr; it is a big data analysis tool that has been developed independently of Twitter alongside global newsrooms like CNN and BBC. Its algorithms scour Twitter for tweets it considers important and newsworthy - delivering the earliest signals for breaking news, real-world events and emerging trends.

And if Dataminr sounds a bit too technical, Project Lightning is a tool that is still in the pipeline, but its developers say it will make it easier for Twitter users to follow breaking news and live events through already curated streams of tweets, photos and videos.

In order to stay relevant, Twitter will have to constantly update its toolset for journalists so keep an eye out for any breaking tweets…

Source: Al Jazeera