The Listening Post’s Will Young recently explored the no go areas and the red lines for journalists in Mexico. Below are some useful alternative media outlets available for news on the country.

Proceso magazine remains one of the main sources of in-depth coverage of the cartels and the dark side of Mexican politics. Ruben Espinosa was just the latest in a long line of journalists killed, harrassed or threatened while working for that outlet.

Marcela Turati, an investigative reporter for Proceso, was one of the founders of Periodistas de a Pie - reporters on foot - back in 2006. Initially built for supporting journalists who cover poverty, it quickly became a crisis centre for reporters caught up in the government's war on drugs.

Modeled on Wikileaks, MexicoLeaks is a secure digital tool intended to make it safer for whistleblowers and journalists to break stories about the cartels and political corruption.

MexicoLeaks feeds leads and information to outlets including Aristegui Noticias, which was formed by popular radiopresenter Carmen Aristegui who was fired earlier this year, just days after signing up with the Mexicoleaks alliance.

Source: Al Jazeera