The AK party's election strategy is focused on nationalist votes. Any criticism from the families of fallen soldiers can seriously damage nationalist sentiment. Therefore the AK party wants to silence those reports written about dead soldiers and police members' families berating the government for their loss.

Cevheri Guven , Editor, Nokta magazine

Threats, raids, arrests and deportation - journalism is becoming increasingly dangerous in Turkey as the government clamps down on the media covering stories it wants ignored.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been accused of a heavy-handed approach with journalists after one of the country's largest media houses - Dogan Media Group - was investigated for alleged "terrorism propaganda."

The probe came on the heels of the Nokta news magazine being raided and it's latest edition being banned; and three journalists from the New York-based Vice Newsbeing arrested in Diyarbakir for quote "working for a terrorist organisation".

At a time when entire cities in the southeast - Diyarbakir and Cizre - have been placed under curfew, and just week's before a general election, Erdogan's latest crackdown has made a military offensive against Kurdish separatists increasingly difficult to cover.

Discussing Turkey’s deteriorating state of press freedom are: Idil Engindeniz, a media scholar at Galatasaray University; Bekir Hazar, the host at TV show Yaz Boz; Cevheri Guven, Editor at Nokta magazine; and Murat Bayram, a reporter for Kurdistan 24.

Source: Al Jazeera