Iran's supreme national security council put out an edict that said media outlets weren't permitted to criticise the deal.

Reza Marashi, research director at the National Iranian American Council

One month after Iran's historic nuclear agreement with the US, the media in both countries have become battlegrounds for fierce political debate.

Both governments have had a hard time trying to sell the deal in the face of conservative hardliners and sceptics.

And with the AIPAC-backed Citizens for a Nuclear-Free Iran spending some $1.7m to lobby against the deal, both Washington and Tehran have struggled to sell the framework of the deal to their people.

Talking us through the story is Reza Marashi, the research director at the National Iranian American Council; Barbara Slavin, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council and Washington correspondent for Al Monitor; Iran analyst Negar Mortazavi; and Tehran University's Mohammad Marandi.

Source: Al Jazeera