What's published in Angolan newspapers doesn't have the credibility of what's published in Portugal. So their strategy is to influence the Angolan public through what's printed in Portugal.

Celso Filipe, Jornal de Negocios

Angola's growing investment and influence in Portugal is causing alarm as the former colony - buoyed by petrodollars and a lucrative diamond industry - has eyed the media as one of the key areas of investment.

President Jose Eduardo dos Santos has been the leader of Angola for more than three decades and in that time he has reigned in the country's media.

To get uncensored coverage about the country, many Angolans turn to news outlets in Portugal, their former colonial ruler.

However, Angolan oil wealth has been filtering back into Portugal and is buying up news outlets in the country.

The "reverse colonisation" as it is being called is affecting the way that Angola is covered by the Portuguese media.

The Listening Post's Gouri Sharma reports on Angola's news media at home and abroad.

Source: Al Jazeera