The UK's Office of Communications (OFCOM) is the regulator enforcing media regulations for all news organisations in the UK - except the BBC. There is a separate body for that called the BBC Trust. 

OFCOM has pursued complaints against Russia's RT, Iran's Press TV, and Murdoch's News Corporation, but the BBC operates under different rules. 

To say that this displeases Murdoch understates the case. Murdoch's News Corporation wants OFCOM abolished and before the last British elections, David Cameron was saying the same thing. But OFCOM is still in existence and with the UK election apparently going down to the wire, there is every chance that OFCOM will outlast the Cameron government.

As the Brits head to the polls, OFCOM will be closely monitoring the election coverage, while others will be monitoring what the outcome of the election means for the regulator itself.

The Listening Post's Flo Phillips reports on the British broadcasting regulator with a big responsibility and a limited remit.

Source: Al Jazeera