The Listening Post is wrapping up 2013 with something a little different. Each of our producers has picked the feature story they most enjoyed working on this this year and the result is a mixed selection that will give you a taste of the issues, geographies and stories the Listening Post tackled in 2013.

We start with Gouri Sharma's report on the challenges freelance journalists face reporting on the war from inside Syria.

Syria has become one of the world's most dangerous places to be a journalist. Since the start of the conflict more than 110 media workers have reportedly been killed. The latest figures from Paris-based Reporters Without Borders show that at least 60 reporters are missing or detained in the country. As the dangers mount, more and more staff journalists are turning down assignments in Syria, relying on freelancers to accept the jobs.

Listening Post's Will Yong's looks at the citizen journalism revolution in the news business, and how user generated content makes its way into the papers and onto television screens.

Flo Phillips travelled to Israel earlier this year and her piece examines the trend that has more and more journalists running for parliament; while Marcela Pizarro explores the politics behind Colombia's latest telenovela - a soap opera about narco-trafficking.

The last two reports - by Meenakshi Ravi and Nic Muirhead respectively look at the dangers of being a journalist in the Philippines and the usual suspects - those ubiquitous talking heads who keep popping up on all kinds of different news stories, offering punchy soundbites but not necessarily expertise.

We have had to trim the stories down to fit them all into one show, but they still give you some insight into the work of the Listening Post team this year.

Thanks for tuning in and we look forward to seeing you next year! 

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Source: Al Jazeera