Riot police try to detain Tibetan activists protesting
outside the Chinese embassy in Kathmand [Reuters]
Many Tibetans annually commemorate the 1959 March 10 uprising against Chinese rule.

But this year the event turned violent and scenes of burning buildings and violent attacks on ethnic Chinese were soon being beamed around the world.

The Chinese police and military quickly moved in to pacify the streets but another battle was underway - the public relations fight to maintain China's image on the world stage in this important Olympic year.

The details of what was happening both in Tibet and elsewhere in the world in the name of Tibet, looked very different from within and without China.

Hamas' Ismail Haniya at a press conference, as
the media war against Fatah goes on [AFP]

Richard Gizbert looks at the tactics China is using to stop defiant voices getting out and to stop damaging stories getting in.

In part two The Listening Post's Salah Kadr looks at the media war between Hamas and Fatah.

Since Hamas took over control of the Gaza Strip the political schism between the main Palestinian parties has had clear geographical boundaries.

That division is also clearly evident in the airwaves and presses of the media - a propaganda battle that is helping to keep Palestinians apart.

Listening Post

Read more about Palestine's war of words

In this week's Newsbytes CNN and the BBC go undercover in Zimbabwe to elude a ban on broadcasting, newspapers in Slovakia protest a proposed media law, Reporters Without Borders calls for more action in hunting those behind the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, and Europe's last dictator brings his fist down on journalists in Belarus.

Our internet video of the week reveals what really happened on that disputed trip to Bosnia made by former first lady and White House wannabe Hillary Clinton.

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Watch part two of this episode of The Listening Post on YouTube

This episode of The Listening Post aired on Friday, April 4, 2008

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