The Arab League proposed a code of conduct that
could be a threat to media freedom in the Middle East
In this week's The Listening Post, Richard Gizbert looks at constraints being imposed on satellite television in the Middle East and the new wave of television preachers gaining popularity across the region.

Beginning with satellite television, we question the code of conduct recently proposed by the Arab League and its potential threat to media freedom across the Middle East.

Can journalistic integrity be maintained outside of industry self-regulation, or will satellite channels like Al Jazeera be at risk of being silenced by governments afraid of criticism?

Focusing on the Middle East, The Listening Post's feature piece looks at the fascinating rise in popularity of non-traditional Islamic television preachers.

This new generation of preachers is embracing alternative media and inspiring a younger, more modern audience than their more conventional contemporaries.

In Newsbytes this week, we take a look at the YouTube blackout blamed on Pakistan, violent protests in Serbia following the Kosovan declaration of independence, Malaysian newspaper censorship, the Iranian journalist on death row and US Republican front-runner John McCain's battle with the New York Times.

And this week's video of the week: Diebold accidentally leaks results of 2008 election early

A brilliant fake news broadcast that will have you worrying about future elections.

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This episode of The Listening Post aired on Friday, February 29, 2008

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