Iran's parliamentary elections are held nationwide and
drawing much international attention [EPA]
Iran goes to the polls on March 14 after months of government wrangling over who will be on the ballot for the country's parliamentary elections.

The country has issued a record number of visas to foreign journalists covering the elections, but for domestic reporters it is a different story.

Reform-minded journalists have had a testing time under Tehran's Islamic government, which has closed down many outspoken magazines and news websites.

And infighting among the conservative media has reflected the factionalism within the ruling class.

Richard Gizbert looks at how Iranians are making sense of the news as they decide how to vote.

In a separate report we examine Iran's growing presence in the global media scene.

Iran has become a major television producer and now broadcasts in 27 different languages across the globe from Waziristan to Winnipeg.

The Listening Post's Shirin Sadeghi looks at how the Iranian government is spreading its message and just how many people are listening in.

The Arab League's proposed charter on media is
challenged by human rights groups [EPA]
In Newsbytes we catch up on two stories The Listening Post has covered before.

The 22 countries of the Arab League are yet to ratify the proposed charter on satellite broadcasting regulations and now 34 human rights groups from the region have challenged its contents.

Last week we looked at the media embargo on British royal Prince Harry's deployment to Afghanistan. Now the Australian women's weekly that leaked the story has apologised.

Plus, two stories from the US elections. The sacking of a top Barack Obama aide sparks a trans-Atlantic dust-up over journalistic ethics, and a silent player in the Clinton campaign speaks up for her Democrat rival.

And our video of the week takes us back to the subject of Iran and a skit that presumably has neither US nor Iranian government approval: Bush and Ahmadinejad skit

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This episode of The Listening Post aired on Friday, March 14, 2008

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