Post -cyclone flooding has resulted in the deaths of
over 10,000
In this week's global media show, The Listening Post, we examine the lack of coverage of Bangladesh, which has failed to make serious inroads in the Western media despite the deaths of more than 10,000 people and widespread devastation within the country.
In our feature we investigate the increasingly sectarian nature of the Iraqi media and ponder the consequences of this trend.
We pride ourselves on being an eye opening programme, this week's video of the week brings you some eye opening and possibly eye watering advice.
Post-cyclone flooding has resulted in the deaths of over 10,000 people and the displacement of hundreds of thousands more. The story has received remarkably little air-time in the Western media especially compared to less serious natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. In this episode we explore the complex reasons why calamities in Bangladesh struggle to make the headlines in the West.
The story has received remarkably little
air-time in Western media [AFP]

Our feature looks at the worrying state of the Iraqi media which has become more and more divided along religious lines. In the Sadaam era Iraqis has a choice of just two TV channels, now there are more than 30 in existence. Many of these stations have a very particular religious identity and thus the media landscape has begun to mirror the bitter sectarian tensions which are currently afflicting Iraq.
What are the consequences for the Iraqi people? We take a closer look.
In Newsbytes we take a look at the other big media news stories this week including the closure of yet more television channels by President Musharraf in Pakistan, Yahoo's continued attempts to appease both the wider public and the Chinese authorities and King Juan Carlos's surprising ascent to the forefront of Spanish youth culture.
Last but certainly not least is our internet video of the week. A dead i-pod battery can be a very annoying thing, this week we present an extraordinary solution.
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This episode of The Listening Post aired from Friday November 23, 2007
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