The Pakistani president has introduced a stringent
set of media guidelines [REUTERS]
On The Listening Post this week, Richard Gizbert finds out just how Pakistan's national media is hitting back against the state of emergency imposed by Pervez Musharraf, the Pakistani president. And how is the global media covering the latest casualty figures in Iraq? And we show you America's top TV comic taking on America's top TV interviewer – it makes for a bit of uncomfortable TV!

Pakistan was in the headlines all this week. But in Pakistan itself, no-one could really watch or hear the headlines. When Musharraf imposed a state of emergency in Pakistan last Sunday, he came down hard on the country's national media as well. The worst affected were private TV news broadcasters: cable operators throughout the country were ordered to take them off the air. A stringent set of guidelines were also issued for the news channels to follow whenever they were put back on air. However Pakistani media is not unused to government pressure, and in our lead story this week we tell you just how the media and the Pakistani people are dealing with the general's new rules.

The Australian newspaper looks at casualty
figures in Iraq
In our feature story we look at the latest casualty figures from Iraq and examine the reasons why the world's media have been reluctant to cover recent falls in numbers.
Updating you on global media happenings in our Newsbytes section, we find that President Musharraf has company. Broadcasters have come under government pressure in the Democratic Republic of Congo where 38 of them have been banned. In Cairo, a victim of police torture finds justice as a video clip from a phone camera is used as evidence to put the police behind bars. And we get you a clip of on air embarrassment: American comic Jerry Seinfeld takes celebrity interviewer Larry King to task.

Bringing our show to a close is a bit of home-made music. An amateur drummer-pianist finds that it is easier to make a tune with a video editing machine than with instruments!
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