The following The Listening Post episodes can be watched here in full.


The battle for Gaza's airwaves
Plus how West African journalists are covering Charles Taylor's trial.
Tony Blair's new job
A look at the mixed media reactions to his role as the Quartet's Middle East envoy.

TV anchor gloats over death
The Lebanese newsreader whose remarks caused a media storm.

 The summit of spin
The G8 summit and the US/Russian tensions in the run-up to it.

The great Dutch donor

The aftermath of a controversial reality show and the perils of reporting in Gaza.
Venezuela's 'media coup'
Was shutting down RCTV an abuse of rights or a sound decision?

Iraq war information clamp down
The Pentagon has imposed new rules limiting soldiers' war blogs.
Tony Blair: Sultan of spin
What have the global media made of the British prime minister's resignation?

Counting Iraq's dead
 Plus Afghanistan's media clampdown and the perils of reporting in Gaza.

Tehran v London
Plus a blogger fights for his journalistic principles and 'G bombing'.

Video message from a killer
Was NBC right to air the Virginia Tech killer's 'multi-media manifesto'?

Voting day in Egypt
The Egyptian referendum, iconic TV adverts and the US presidential race.

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