BBC reporter John Sweeney losing it while
investigating the Church of Scientology
This week we take a break from the news express train – well almost – as we look back over the past year of 'media that made us laugh'. From microphone mishaps, to viral videos, a case of mistaken identity at the BBC or even just howlingly bad journalism - we hope you will enjoy this compilation!

In March 2007 the headlines were full with the confessions of Khaled Sheikh Mohammed – allegedly made at the US military prison in Guantanamo Bay.

From 9/11 mastermind, to organiser of the Bali bombings, and beheader of US journalist Daniel Pearl, it seemed there was no atrocity this man had not personally committed. That is if you believe everything you hear in the media! Internet comics go to town on the hype surrounding this story. 

One of our favourite pastimes at The Listening Post is watching television that has been devised and paid for by the state. Check out this selction from Turkmenistan to North Korea, Russian Army TV, to Venezualan President Chavaz kicking off on his own chat show Hallo Presidente.

Did you catch Comedy Central's spoof re-branding of our own channel Al Jazeera English? We tried to ignore it, but its just too funny!

Investigative journalism is one of the most testing jobs in the media. Particularly if you are investigating the LA based Church of Scientology who have their own ways of unsettling any reporter. Whatever they did it worked wonders on BBC reporter John Sweeney - seen here losing it.

Richard Gizbert goes on an undercover
adventure into Second Life
In our first episode Richard Gizbert went on his own undercover adventure into Second Life. He had such a good time we thought we would show it to you again.

Next up we show one of the favourite stories which never made it onto The Listening Post as it happened before our first transmission. So here it is now! The story they dubbed 'The Wrong Guy' because it involved two guys, both called Guy, whose identities were confused. Resulting in Guy 2, appearing live on air in a BBC studio when he was meant to be attending a job interview.

Here at The Listening Post we have a whole file dedicated to when presenters forget to turn off their radio mics – the little device that allows everyone to hear what they are saying even when they are not on set. This one became a classic when a CNN reporter took a trip to the bathroom (unwittingly on air!) and decided to discuss her hen pecked brother with a colleague. 

Lastly we offer up a compilation of the hilarious videos we find through extensive hours scouring the internet. None can be funnier than George Bush and Tony Blair singing together in a classic ballad – Endless Love.

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This episode of The Listening Post aired from 10 August 2007.

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