Richard Gizbert - Presenter 
Presented by Richard Gizbert, Listening Post will bring viewers a weekly insight into how the news is covered by the world's media.
It will monitor and examine all platforms, all over the world, from newspapers, radio and TV to blogs and podcasts, we've got it covered.
We're also looking for new voices and we're willing to give anyone a try.

We don't care if you're from the West Bank or Washington, we want to push the term media to its limit, and if possible, beyond.
Global Village Voices will be the platform to be seen and heard, via webcams or camera-phones on any and all stories that we do, from anywhere and everywhere.
Richard Gizbert  in America
We want to see the emergence of new voices from regions that are not often heard in traditional western media.
From the biggest network to the most obscure bloggers, Listening Post will report critically on what they cover - and what they don't.
It will examine the big stories and explain how and why coverage of them differs in different parts of the world.
Listening Post will report on the best in journalism, as well as the worst of what passes for news in countries where state-run television monopolises the airwaves.
Listening Post is a weekly half-hour programme produced by Moonbeam Films for Al Jazeera English.
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