Kobe Bryant took basketball to new heights, and helped give the game international prominence.

The world is now mourning his death at the age of 41. His teenage daughter and seven other people also died in the crash.

Fans, sporting personalities and celebrities have been paying tributes to a legend on and off the court.

Bryant burst onto the scene in 1996 as a talented teenager with ambitions to become the best.

By the time he retired 20 years later, he had won the NBA championship five times with the Los Angeles Lakers, and was an inspiration for a generation of young players.

In 2018, he won an Oscar as writer-producer of a short animated film based on his love of the sport.

Presenter: Nic Clark


Michael Carlson - US sports journalist who commentated on basketball during 2012 and 2016 Olympics

Asma Elbadawi - Basketball player who lobbied the sport's governing body to remove the ban on hijab

Dan Boyce - Host of the Aussie Hoopla Podcast

Source: Al Jazeera News