According to some opinion polls, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party is leading over its main contender, the Labour Party, days before the country's crucial vote.

Thursday's election will decide the country's future vis-a-vis the European Union.

Johnson has promised that the United Kingdom will leave the bloc by the end of January.

If he wins the majority in next parliament, he will be able to pass Brexit through Parliament.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says he wants to negotiate a new deal with the EU and put it to a referendum in six months.

On this special Inside Story from London, an in-depth discussion on the future of the UK as it is trying to break the Brexit deadlock.

Presenter: Peter Dobbie


Claire Fox - Brexit Party, member of the European Parliament

Tim Bale -  Deputy director at The UK in a Changing Europe

Ross Greer - Member of the Scottish Parliament

Source: Al Jazeera News